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Made with the highest quality ingredients, The Hair Lounge professionals highly recommend Moroccanoil hair care products. From the runways to every day use, Moroccanoil consistently receives rave reviews. These revolutionary formulas are rich with antioxidants and nutrients to no only leave your hair smooth and shiny, but also to make it stronger.


Evo, originally from Australia has made its way to the West Coast, partnering with Sweis to bring the full range of hair products to stylists looking for a line with personality and integrity with luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, DEA, TEA and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment. Evo is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity; a manufacturer that speaks the truth. Born from a desire to produce an exclusive salon range, evo steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention in a ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ crusade of twisted honesty – designed to make people think. And so comes the catch phrase – saving ordinary humans from themselves.

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